SupervisorUI MF

In a previous article, I updated a supervisorui project to work for me.

This updated version supervisorui-redone is essentially a PHP application which is a different approach from the original supervisorui project which was more of a JavaScript application with some helper functionality implemented in PHP.

As such, I figured that I could probably fix the supervisorui code base eliminating the Silex library, but keeping most of the JavaScript framework in place. This resulted in my SupervisorUI-mf dashboard.


This maintains JavaScript framework and simply removes the Silex dependancy.

As before, the Incutio XML-RPC Library was updated so that it works with PHP8.

In addition I added/fixed the following functionality:

  • Added links to supervisor built-in web UI.
  • Added links to restart and reload config supervisor daemons.
  • Fixed the updateServers functionality, so that services status gets updated every 30 seconds without having to reload the page. Similarly, starting/stopping services do not need to reload the page as with supervisorui-redone.
  • Added the ability to configure port's in the server IP specifications.

So the result is an updated supervisorui which works at least for me.

Note that I am still keeping supervisorui-redone because it is more static than SupervisorUI-mf which means that supervisorui-redone works better with High Latency (high ping time) connections.