Centos Install notes

Set-up local.repo

yum installs:

  • nfs-utils autofs
  • @x11
  • @xfce
  • wget
  • dejavu-sans-fonts dejavu-sans-mono-fonts dejavu-serif-fonts
  • xorg-x11-fonts-{Type1,misc,75dpi,100dpi}
  • bitmap-console-fonts bitmap-fixed-fonts bitmap-fonts-compat bitmap-lucida-typewriter-fonts
  • ucs-miscfixed-fonts urw-fonts
  • open-sans-fonts
  • webcore-fonts webcore-fonts-vista
  • liberation-mono-fonts liberation-sans-fonts liberation-serif-fonts
  • bitstream-vera-sans-fonts bitstream-vera-serif-fonts
  • gnu-free-{mono,sans,serif}-fonts
  • tk
  • firefox
  • mplayer ffmpeg alsa-utils
  • xsensors xfce4-sensors-plugin
  • keepassx
  • git

Building RPM packages with mock and Centos mock overview

Using mock with fedora

packaging rpms with mock

Adding trusted certs… or rehat solution

php using ssl

Chrome on Centos7 from google repos.

travis ci installation

  • Install ruby (must be greater than 1.9.3, 2.0.0 recomended)
  • Additional dependencies (through yum)
  • ruby-ffi

As normal user:

  • gem install travis -v 1.8.8 --no-rdoc --no-ri

For a new application...

travis enable
travis settings builds_only_with_travis_yml -t


project -module: centos/alpine -module: proot

Nameing conventions


  • tmc7r1 : centos 7 template
  • tmwin7r1 : not using these, I think it is better to do fresh install...
  • tmal3r1 : alpine linux template.
    • after boot:
      1. mount xvda1 on /media/xvda1 and run setup-alpine
      2. modify /etc/inittab /etc/securetty to allow ttyS0 (console) login
      3. may need to switch cdrom as needed.

Sample vm names:

  • winvm1 : windows vm
  • cvm2 : centos vm
  • alvm3 : alpine linux vm

More complete guides:

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