New NacoWiki

Release new version (3.2.1) of NacoWiki.

The following changes are included:

  • Added document properties
  • Added opts.yaml
  • API improvements
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Additional Plugins:
    • Versions
    • AutoTag
    • Albatros : Blog site generator (similar to Pelican).

Most of the changes are to support the new plugins.


Now, NacoWiki keeps track of previous versions of articles. This can be disabled on a per directory basis by creating an opts.yaml and adding the disable-props: true entry.


When an article is save it will create tags automatically based on a file containing a list of tagging words. This is enabled only if there is a file in the sub-directory or any parent sub-directory.


This is a Blog site generator inspired by Pelican. It was mainly written to migrate this web site from Pelican which uses a Python based markdown implementation to the same markdown implementation used in NacoWiki. The reason being that I use NacoWiki to edit this Blog, so it makes sense to use the same code to preview and generate the static web site.

It uses a slightly modified version of the template I was using for this website, so the change should be transparent to most peope.