dev notes 2014

Replacment for Make and Autoconf: MakeMe

(If you don't have root but have Android 4+ you can use the command-line program adb from the Android SDK platform tools to make backups via a desktop computer)

chromebook ides

Dev Tools

Alternative languages:

  • D : better than C, but not over-the-top like C++? Covers only Win and Linux
  • Vala : Kinda like C# but for Gnome. Covers Win and Linux. (Android maybe through NDK).
  • Java: Kinda over the top and heavy. Covers Win and Linux. Android yes, but different GUI library. iOS probably yes.
  • Python: scripting language. Win, Linux. Android maybe... iOS maybe...
  • Javascript: scripting language. ALL PLATFORMS.

Other options:

Build Tools

  • MakeKit - autotools look & feel but lighter
  • mobs: autoconf workalike.


My own Notes App

JumpNote      +      OI Notpad
(Background          (Tags support)
     Simple Note backend
        Tags UI
     (Filter, modify tags)
        Task UI

WebApp + Mobile Dev:

Documentation around Syncing...

Other Notes:

  • Perki replacement that runs on Android.
  • Use WebKit/PhoneGap + Javascript and HTML5
  • Markdown library for Javascript
  • Markdown editor for javscript
  • TXGR converted to HTML5 Canvas
  • How do we do background sync?

More example code:

We want to have it for Android, Linux and Windows.

We need to research:

A freewrap like tool for python:


More Android Dev options: