The other day I found dvtm. Looking at it, it looks very nice. It appeals to me because I am particularly fond of text user interfaces.


At the end I choose not to use it because:

  • terminal support was less than 100% useful.
  • At the end of the day using the mouse is just more convenient.
  • It is not as ubiquitous as for example screen. So it is easier to just use screen that can be set-up much more easily.
  • most of the time I am already on a window session, so there is not that many opportunities to use this.

dvtm Cheat Sheet

This is a simple cheat sheet for dvtm.

This uses the default mod key: C-g.

Key Seq Function
C-g M Toggle mouse mode
C-g Enter Zoom current window to master area
C-g h Shrink master area
C-g l Enlarged master area
C-g Spc Toggle layout (vertical stack, bottom stack, grid, full screen)
C-g f Vertical stack
C-g b Bottom stack
C-g g Grid layout
C-g m Full screen
C-g 0 view all windows
C-g c Create window
C-g j Focus on next window
C-g k Focus on previous window
C-g m Minimize window
C-g s Toggle status bar
C-g 1-9 Focus on window
C-g TAB Toggle focus (last window)
C-g q Quit
C-g C-l Redraw
C-g r Redraw
C-g PgUp Scroll back
C-g PgDn Scroll Fwd
C-g C-g Send C-g

Key Seq Additional functions
C-g C Create window with current directory
C-g J Focus on next window "m"
C-g K Focus on prev window ?
C-g i Increase # windows in master area
C-g d decrease # windows in master area
C-g s Toggle status bar position (top or bottom)

Other functions that I don't understand or haven't configured:

  • tagging
  • copymode
  • status bar