Replacing emacs...

So after over 30 years of using GNU emacs I have switched to a more modern options.

So I am using:

  • Geany: For use in a Window environment (both X11 and MSWIN)
  • micro: For command line use
  • vi: For small environments


Geany is a nice programer's text editor. I like that it has syntax highlighting and has a modern UI. It runs on Windows and Linux.

Geany has most of the features that I would like without much need of customization. Most of the customization that I have done is around the area of getting indentation right and the use of spaces versus tab when indenting. Specially when writing python or yaml files where the indentation is important.

A couple of featues that I thought were important but I am not using much are:

  • macro recording
  • split screens

These features are available in geany as plugins, but I am not using them.


A micro is a modern, intuitive terminal based text editor. It follows modern key bindings and is fairly customizable.

Actually it works well straight out of the box, but I did some customizations in order to look similar to geany, and so that it would work well with putty.

This is my bindings.json file:

{! !}

Links about micro