Telegram is a messenger designed to overcome the limitations of other messengers like WhatsApp or similar ones. It is different and better than other messengers on more than one level. A few of the important features that make it stand out among other messengers are:

  • Open API. This enables the users to develop their own versions of the telegram.
  • Open Protocol. This protocol is highly secure and will protect important messages from hackers
  • Free. As is freedom as well as subscription. There will be no ads and the developers intend to keep it that way forever.
  • It has unlimited cloud storage. There is no limit on the size of media or chats.

Available on all devices like tablets, smartphones, desktop ( Mac, Windows, and Linux as well) and there is web version too... Telegram is not here for profits but instead to provide users an alternative to all those other messengers which don' value privacy. We will now look at setting up of the desktop telegram on Linux.

I used arch with deepin desktop, but telegram should work in any Linux based PC.

First, Visit the telegram website and choose telegram for PC/Mac/Linux.

Then, the website should automatically detect your Linux and show you the download link. Or you can select the one that suits your PC. Keep in mind the CPU architecture 32 bit or 64 bit. Click on Download.

From linuxandubuntu