organizing notes

My Documents


  • Project Folder
    • old
    • YYYY
    • deliverables
    • clips?
  • category folder
    • expenses? expense reports and digital receipts
    • regs - passwords, registrations, etc...
    • nice notes - thank you letters, etc.
  • Personal folder
    • info or important health account data, friends contacts, etc
    • clips
    • writing - personal writing, notes, letter, drafts,
    • taxes folder
  • logs
    • activity log
    • travel log

Naming convention:

--. - initials : author initials or source initials - monthday : 2 digits each - type : type of document # TODO Lists - Work - Outlook based - Tickler File - Must Do List - E-mail to TODO - Personal - Google Tasks # Weekly Review Steps NOTE: Clean-up temp folders * Collect loose paper notes and materials. (business cards, receipts, etc. - put in in basket for processing) * Get IN to zero * Empty your head (write down any new projects, action items, etc.) * Review Action lists (Mark off completed actions & review for reminders of further action steps to capture) * Review Previous Calendar Data (review for remaining action items, reference information, etc.) * Review Upcoming Calendar Data * Review Waiting For List (Records appropriate actions for any needed follow-up & check off received items) * Review Project and Larger Outcome lists (ensure that at least one kick-start action is in your system for each) * Review Any relevant checklists * Review Someday/Maybe List (Check for any projects that may have become active and transfer them to "Projects" & delete items no longer of interest) * Review "Pending" and Support Files (Browse through all work-in-progress support material to trigger new actions, completions, and waiting-fors) ## Six Level Model for Reviewing Your Own Work 1. current actions 2. current projects 3. areas of responsibility 4. 1-2 year goals 5. 3-5 year vision 6. big picture view * * * * projects: clearly defined outcomes and the next * actions to move them towards closure * horizontal focus: reminders placed in a trusted system * that is reviewed regularly * vertical focus: informal back of the envelope planning # Task Lists - @ANYWHERE : Actions that can be done anywhere (rare?) - @CALLS : Phonecalls - @ERRANDS : Actions that I can do while going about - @HOME : Actions that can only be done at home - @HOME_PC : Actions that can be done at a PC (home PC?) about home. - @REVIEW : Items for review. Should be only text. Attachments should go to my Dropbox folder. - @WAITING_FOR : Tracker items that need to be follow-up later - @WORK : Actions that can only be done at the office. - @WORK_PC : Actions that can be done at a PC (work PC) about work. - @AGENDAS : Notes on what to discuss with different people - SOMEDAY_MAYBE : Idea parking lot