Global hotkeys

To make it easier to switch desktop environment I am using a Desktop Environment independant hot keys configuration using xbindkeys. This lets me use the same keybindings on different Window managers and Desktop Environments.

This code can be found in github.

Included are the follwoing:

  • hk_helper : a bash or a tcl/tk implementations. The latest version is based on tcl/tk.
  • xbindkeysrc : hotkey configuration file
  • xbindkeys.desktop : /etc/xdg/startup file.
  • obsolete : /etc/X11/profiles.d file (not used).

The script starts from /etc/xdg/startup, so as to make sure to let the desktop environment work and grab as many keys as possible.

Afterwards, if there is a $HOME/.xbindkeysrc it will start it first. This is to allow home user keys to work.

Finally it will use the global xbindkeysrc file.

Defined hotkeys can be seen in the xbindkeysrc config file here: