Home Assistant sensors

I finished migrating my VeraEdge to Home Assistant. I think after using it for some time, I find Home Assistant far superior to the VeraEdge in every way.

So, I took the time to mostly standardise my sensors which make things simpler to manage/mantain.

As such, essentially I am only using 4 types of sensors:

  • Neo Coolcam Door/Window Sensor DS01Z : This is a door/window sensor. I still have a couple of these sensors from before. They are EOL now, being replaced by the DS07Z.
  • New Coolcam Door/Window Sensor DS07Z : This is a door/window sensor with integrated temperature and humidty sensors. I was standardirising to this sensor type for door/window and also for temperature and humidity until they became hard to source. The last couple of sensors of this type I had to buy from AliExpress. For the moment, I have enough sensors, but in the future, I may need to find a new source.
    Since this sensor can be charged using a USB port, I have an additional sensor to be used as a "charging" sensor. That way I can replace batteries, and the low batteries can be charged in the "charging" sensor. This is due to the fact usually the sensors are in hard to reach places, where USB power is not easily available.
  • Fibaro Smoke Sensor 2 : This is a Smoke Sensor with integrated temperature meter. I am using this to replace my "dumb" smoke sensors. These sensors only detect smoke and do not detect CO2. This is not a problem because on one hand2se sensors are mounted on the ceiling2ch is detrimental for CO2 detection as CO2 tends to accumulate on the floor first. The other is that CO2 detection is more important for smokeless fires (i.e. gas burning). Since we are only using this for the water heater, it is less of a priority.
    Smoke Sensor
  • New Coolcam Water Leak sensor : This is a water leak sensor. Unfortunately is already EOL.
    Water Leak Sensor

I used to have other sensors types:

  • Philio Tech Door/Window Sensor
  • Philio Tech multi sensors : While these sensors were good in the sense that they paired easily with my VeraEdge and gave accurate reading, they were (at least to me) not easy to open. So every time I would want to replace the battery I would accidentally break the latches.
  • Other door sensors : Also, a number of sensors that I tried, made it difficult to stock up on spare batteries. Furthermore, specially for the door/window sensors, some had awkward shapes.