This is a tiny library to implement Web server embedded editor.

You can find it in github.

Can be used either from haserl or directly from a shell script.


  • Uses codemirror
  • Escaped HTML entities (html_enc)
  • Decode URL escaping (url_decode)
  • Read POST form data (post_data)
  • Parse QUERY_STRING (query_string and query_string_raw)
  • Render HTML and Markdown documents with pre-processing (cuy_render)

Support functions:

  • codemirror_link : Configured URL to where you can find codemirror files.
  • html_msg : generate a HTML response
  • html_enc : Encode special HTML characters
  • url_decode : Decode URL encoded strings
  • post_data : Read data posted using a HTML POST request.
  • query_string_raw : parse HTML query parameters.
  • query_string : part HTML query paramters and also decodes URL encoding.

Editor components:

  • cuy_header : snippet of code for the html document header.
  • cuy_editform : snippet of code for genereting the html editor form
  • cuy_editarea : snippet of code to bind codemirror to a text area
  • cuy_savecb : snippet for save command callback
  • cuy_render : convert content into suitable HTML markup

Main editing entry point

  • cuy_editapp : A full editing page