Migration to Pelican

Finally got fedup with github pages and its jekyll static site generator. Essentially things would break without any particular reason and there would be nearly no way to tell what went wrong. I addition, it was not easy to test changes before making them public.

So I switched to pelican, essentially because it was a static site generator that is part of the void software repository.

I don't really like it that much as its documentation is not very good. But eventually I got it to work.

I was able to get one of their public templates to work and tweaked to match my preferences.

I also was able to add:

  • automatic tag generation
    • this is done before processing input files. i.e. a script reads existing content and modifies files as needed with automatic tags.
  • sitemap generator
    • this is done as post-processing stage. A script reads generated html files and generates the sitemap accordingly.

The most useful feature I found is its that I can preview changes before commiting them.