Enable syslog with void

In void Linux, the default is without logging. Most cases it is OK for desktop use.

If you want to enable syslog service in void, you need to install:


Also to let your user have access to the logs, use:

usermod -aG socklog <your-username>

Because I like to have just a single directory for everything and use grep, I do the following:

rm -rf /var/log/socklog/?*
mkdir /var/log/socklog/everything
ln -s socklog/everything/current /var/log/messages.log

Create the file /var/log/socklog/everything/config with these contents:


Enable daemons...

ln -s /etc/sv/socklog-unix /var/service/
ln -s /etc/sv/nanoklogd /var/service/

Reload svlogd (if it was already running)

killall -1 svlogd