Linux Post Install tasks

These tips are for void linux as that is the distro I am using nowadays.

  • mate tricks: change background from cli
    • dconf write /org/mate/desktop/background/picture-filename "'PATH-TO-JPEG'"
  • web page to check if your browser is html5 compliant:


  • Install xbindkeys
  • Add to startup? $HOME/.xprofile
  • Create default config with xbindkeys -d > $HOME/.xbindkeysrc
  • Lookup key combinations:
    • xbindkeys --multikey or
    • xbindkeys --key
  • update bindings xbindkeys --poll-rc
  • rofi
    • A good addition to this is rofi. Which is a dynamic menu.
    • Create a xbindkey shortcut to run rofi with:
    • rofi -show-icons -modi drun,window -show drun

Additional software

  • Additional software (Tested on void linux):
    • Tip: use sed -e 's/#.*$//' to strip comments!
{! void-installation/swlist-extras.txt !}