Resizing Virtual Disks with virsh

I am currently using libvirt for managing my VMs. For virtual discs I am using LVM2 volumes. On a regular basis I need to resize these virtual discs, but not that often that I can do this from memory. This is a short procedure to do this:

ls -l /dev/vgX/lvX      # note down the major/minor numbers for later
lvextend -L +50G /dev/vgX/lvX   # adding 50GB to this volume
cat /proc/partitions        # look up the size (in blocks) using major/minor numbers
virsh blockresize --path /dev/vgX/lvX --size SIZE_FROM_PROC_PARTITIONS vmname

Then on the running system you can do:

cat /proc/partitions        # Make sure that size is right
xfs_growfs /mount/point     # On-line partition re-size