Anti Roboto skills

Losing your job to robots is no longer a sci-fi fantasy.

Some estimates say, robots may take over more than five million jobs across 15 developed countries. Machines could account for more than half the workforce in places like Cambodia and Indonesia, particularly in the garment industry.

While such information has led many people to seek out higher-tech skills, others have said we need a stronger emphasis on trade skills to combat the high competition in tech fields. In one 2016 survey, 60 percent of respondents wanted more emphasis on Shop classes in high schools, while a 2015 Gallup poll found that 90 percent of parents want computer sciences emphasized in schools.

The good news. There are some skills robots can't embody, and if you have them, there's no need to worry about losing your job due to robotic advancements. Better yet, many of them are transferrable, meaning they can help you advance your career, even if you need to change industries.

Here are eight skills that can keep your job from being handed off to a robot.

  1. Complex Problem-Solving Skills
  2. Project and Personnel Management Skills
  3. Athletic Skills
  4. Confidence and Leadership Skills
  5. Critical Thinking and Judgment Skills
  6. Empathy Skills
  7. Listening Skills
  8. Robotics and Hardware Repair

Source: makeuseof