Mail Archiver ideas

We use it for receiving junk e-mails (i.e. for those times where we need an e-mail address for sign-up to a service).

E-mails are of the form:

[email protected]


Extend postie:


Before posting we insert all the header information into a table.

Automatically delete postings. If we want to keep the post we change its category.


MAYBE: Markdownify it...



  • Check how gmail keeps folders ( And then see if we can hack it into Postie.
  • Maybe we do by [email protected]/folder

Would be the call back to MailGun

  • Check if we can add MailGun to Postie
    • save transient when we start
    • Use event API to get message lists (since last transient)
    • Use message API to retrieve and delete messages