Upload to OpenWRT

Base 64 decoding: coreutils-base64

#!/usr/local/bin/haserl --upload-limit=4096 --upload-dir=/tmp 
content-type: text/html

<form action="<% echo -n $SCRIPT_NAME %>" method=POST enctype="multipart/form-data" >
<input type=file name=uploadfile>
<input type=submit value=GO>
<% if test -n "$HASERL_uploadfile_path"; then %>
        You uploaded a file named <b><% echo -n $FORM_uploadfile_name %></b>, and it was
        temporarily stored on the server as <i><% echo $HASERL_uploadfile_path %></i>.  The
        file was <% cat $HASERL_uploadfile_path | wc -c %> bytes long.</p>
        <% rm -f $HASERL_uploadfile_path %><p>Don't worry, the file has just been deleted
        from the web server.</p>
<% else %>
        You haven't uploaded a file yet.
<% fi %>

haserl man page

Uploader tool: post

Disable/Relocate cgi-bin