Cleaning-up Outlook Calendar

This is a procedure I go through at the end of the year to clean-up my Outlook Calendar. Usually the Outlook Calendar gets full of junk over time. So this is something worth doing on a regular basis.

Procedure for Outlook 2007

  1. Backup calendar folder
  2. Select default calendar
  3. Switch view to Inactive Appointments (non-recurrent)
  4. Delete appointments
  5. Switch view to Inactive Appointments (recurrent)
  6. Delete appointments

Procedures for Previous versions of Outlook

This is my procedure for cleaning my Outlook calendar from old appointments and other assorted outdated stuff:

  1. Backup your calendar folder (just in case)
  2. Create a temporary Calendar folder
  3. Select your default Calendar
  4. Switch to All Appointments view:
    • View -> Current View -> All Appointments
  5. Select all the appointments and move them to the temporary Calendar folder
  6. Select the temporary Calendar folder
  7. Switch to Active Appointments vew:
    • View -> Current View -> Active Appointments
  8. Select all the visible appointments and move the m back to the default Calendar folder.
  9. You can now dispose of the temporary folder (or backed it up for reference.