Off site backup options

This is my working notes on doing off-site backups to the cloud. Still trying to figure out where to keep Offsite backups.

These are the candidates:

Site Free Quota 100GB/Yr Notes
AltDrive 30 day USD 45 Unlimited, Linux binary
iDrive 5GB USD 6 Starts at 1TB, Linux binary, API
pCloud 20GB USD 10 Starts at 500GB, Binary, Rest API, WebDAV
DropBox 2GB USD 12 Starts at 1TB, ZYPKG available
CopyCom 15GB USD 20 starts at 250GB, binary
MEGA 50GB USD 20 Linux client, Starts at 500GB.
Google 15GB USD 24 ZYPKG available
SkyDrive 15GB USD 24 WebDav
MemoPal 3GB USD 25 WebDav, ZYPKG available
ADrive 60 days USD 25 FTP or WebDAV
MemoPal 3GB USD 25 starts at 200GB, Binary or WebDav, ZYPKG available
iDriveSync 5GB USD 33 WebDav
Amazon S3 5GB/1yr USD 36 pay-per-use, REST API 10GB USD 48 Uses WebDAV
Crashplan 1 month USD 48 Unlimited, Binary
OtherDrive 2GB USD 55 Java client
4shared 15GB USD 78 WebDAV + FTP, Max 100GB?
CloudMe 3GB USD 96 WebDAV


  • checkout google drive and dropbox.

This is another tool to compare vendors CloudWards