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My WordPress plugins

For my own purposes I have written a number of WordPress plugins.

  1. S3Copy - Makes backup copies of your pictures to an S3 Compatible server. I use myself. It also mangles tags so files are server from the S3 bucket.
  2. wptools - A collection of WordPress related functionality.
  3. auto-content - A …

Hosting WordPress on OpenShift


So I finally moved my WordPress web sites to OpenShift.

OpenShift is a cloud based Platform-as-a-Service offering from RedHat. And while there is a learning curve I would say that so far it works great.

My implementation is a fully cloud based solution. Makes use of the following services:

  • GitHub …

OpenShift notes


backup OpenShift

openshift getenv(USER) from OpenShift php
ssh to {user}@{app-domain} gear snapshot  > file

Run gear app

OpenShift migration further notes

Encrypt a file using a supplied password :

$ openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -salt -in file.txt -out file.txt.enc -k …

clipping ideas

  • Divide into
  • Work : Only visible to company and clients
  • Personal: Public/Private areas


  • Send e-mail to address => creates entry
  • handle attachments
  • Rich text support?
  • Markdown through short codes (maybe)
  • Searchable
  • Auto Tag/Auto Categorize
  • Can create entries through UI


  • MHonArc
  • WordPress + WebMail posting

My Must Have Android Apps

This is a list of my favorite Android Apps:


  • Barcode Scanner - Play Store F-Droid
  • Ghost Commander - F-Droid
  • F-Droid Alternative Application Manager. Usually Open source stuff with significantly less crap ware and ads.


wp-cron and cron

Normal WordPress operation has a cron like functionality that runs scheduled tasks as users visit the blog.

It is possible to replace this with a standalone cron (like UNIX cron).

To disable the "webcron" (i.e. trigerring tasks as URLs are visited) add to your wp-config.php the following:

 define …

Web Backups


As usual with any IT system backups are important. This does not change when using a free shared hosting provider. Because it is free, one would argue it is even more important.

For my wordpress web site I used something called cli-exporter. It let's you create "Wordpress" export files from …

Wordpress links

This article describes how you creeate hyperlinks within Wordpress. There are a number of ways to do this, depending on the configuration and the types of data we are linking to.

This actually works whether or not Permalinks are active. Using the numeric values found in …