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Moving to Home Assistant

I am busy moving away from my VeraEdge installation to a Home Assistant running on a Raspberry Pi 4. This is because it looks like the maker of the VeraEdge was bought and it is slowly being phased out.

For this I am using the following parts:

voidlinux virtualization

This recipe is for setting virtualization on a voidlinux desktop.

Use this setup script to set things up on void linux.

Connecting to libvirtd

Note that virsh and virt-manager commands connect to different libvirtd sessions by defauult.

virsh defaults to qemu:///session while virt-manager to qemu:///system.

It is better …

Installing Void Linux

I made the switch to void linux. Except for compatibility issues around glibc, it works quite well. Most compatibility I have worked around with a combination of Flatpaks, chroots and namespaces.

The high lights of void linux:

  • musl build - which is very lightweigth
  • Does not depend on systemd …


  • DVD player
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • keyboard
  • good keyboard bindings
  • how to exit games
  • convert probox into binding keys
  • where are key codes saved

  • Write image:
    • gunzip < retropie-4.3-rpi2_rpi3.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sde bs=4M
  • Configure config.txt
    • hdmi_force_hotplug=1
    • hdmi_drive=2
  • Boot and configure keyboard
    • D-Pad => D-Pad
    • start …

game lists

  • Cybernator
  • Darius Twin
  • Another World | Out of this World
  • Front Mission Series
  • Strike Gunner
  • The Legend ...

Super Bomberman for about 59.99 (dollars) but later it was also sold alone for approximately 29.95.

Multitap compatible games:

  • Barkley: Shut Up and Jam!, Bill Walsh College Football, College Slam, Elite Soccer …

Picade Todo

  1. key mappings
    • look up and label default mappings
  { KEY_UP_ARROW,    UP     },

  { KEY_LEFT_CTRL,   BTN_1  },
  { KEY_LEFT_ALT,    BTN_2  },
  { ' ',             BTN_3  },
  { KEY_LEFT_SHIFT,  BTN_4  },
  { 'z',             BTN_5  },
  { 'x',             BTN_6  },

  { 's',             START  },
  { 'c',             COIN   },
  { KEY_RETURN,      ENTER  },
  { KEY_ESC,         ESCAPE },

  /* Change these lines to set key bindings for VOL_UP and VOL_DN */
   { 'u',      VOL_UP  },
   { 'd',      VOL_DN …

Using a NAS200 as a Print server

Last weekend I had a small weekend project to move my All-In-One Printer/Scanner from my Xen host server to a spare NAS200 I had lying around. Since the NAS200 has a i486 compatible CPU, and I had been able to run a CentOS 5 distro before, I figure it …

Web Backups


As usual with any IT system backups are important. This does not change when using a free shared hosting provider. Because it is free, one would argue it is even more important.

For my wordpress web site I used something called cli-exporter. It let's you create "Wordpress" export files from …

Askozia Desktop Appliance

Askozia Logo

So last weekend finally had some time to work with a Askozia Desktop Appliance.

It actually arrived much earlier but without a Power Supply. Initially I though, "this is strange; I didn't know this supported PoE". (Power Over Ethernet). It turns out it didn't and there was a shipping mistake …

Network wiring notes - 8P8C / RJ45

What you were probably looking forT568A/B (10-BASE-T and 100-BASE-TX):

With pin positions are counted from left to right with the contacts facing you (clip on the back) and pointing up (cable coming out the bottom):

Color (568B) Pin Color(568A)
Orange-white 1 Green-white
Orange 2 Green
Green-white 3 Orange-white …