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Centos7/RHEL7 FirewallD — the least you need to know

This post is just a simple hints-tips to get something going with FirewallD without going into too much detail. Checking if you are using firewalld: firewall-cmd –state Check your zones (needed later when opening ports): firewall-cmd –get-default-zone firewall-cmd –get-active-zones Checking … Continue reading

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Using wget with given IP/vhost

This is one neat trick. For vhosts you can connect with an IP yet provide the right host name with the following: wget –header ‘Host: www.example.com’

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Enable local file caching for NFS share on Linux

In Linux, there is a caching filesystem called FS-Cache which enables file caching for network file systems such as NFS. FS-Cache is built into the Linux kernel 2.6.30 and higher. In order for FS-Cache to operate, it needs cache back-end … Continue reading

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DID vendors

So I have been researching DID vendors with limited success. So far my leading candidates are: Vendor Country Set-up fee Monthly fee Per-Minute Sonetel NL EUR 1.40 EUR 1.40 EUR 0.01 Sonetel Peru EUR 5.50 EUR 5.50 EUR 0.01 Sonetel … Continue reading

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SSH Tricks

Forcing either IPv4 or IPv6 This is for the scenario that you know which specific protocol works to reach a particular host. Usually good to eliminate the delay for SSH to figure out to switch IP protocols. For IPv4: ssh … Continue reading

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