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Programming 2016

Programming 2016

  1. GWT and GWT on Mobile and Java servlets
  2. Generate Excel

Java based:

Programming 2015

  • Cross-Platform: Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, WebApp?
  • Run-Time: >100MB …

clipping ideas

  • Divide into
  • Work : Only visible to company and clients
  • Personal: Public/Private areas


  • Send e-mail to address => creates entry
  • handle attachments
  • Rich text support?
  • Markdown through short codes (maybe)
  • Searchable
  • Auto Tag/Auto Categorize
  • Can create entries through UI


  • MHonArc
  • WordPress + WebMail posting

Replacing Emacs with Atom


As an old UNIX guy I have been using emacs for years. So in a way, I am very comfortable with using it and most of keyboard shortcuts. But, it really is an old animal and I have been thinking that I should be moving to a more modern replacement …

dev notes 2014

Replacment for Make and Autoconf: MakeMe

(If you don't have root but have Android 4+ you can use the command-line program adb from the Android SDK platform tools to make backups via a desktop computer)

chromebook ides

Dev Tools

Alternative languages:

  • D : better than C, but not over-the-top like C …

Program Documentation

So these are my ideas on how to document projects. There are three types of documentation types:

  1. User guides
    Targetted and end-users of the software and people who want a brief overview.
  2. Man pages
    Again targetted at end-users but also sysadmins. Usually to address a specific feature.
  3. API level documentation …

Issue Tracker

  • Use DVCS as backend (GIT)
  • Output html
  • markdown
  • Prefer perl/python
  • Mostly RO so to avoid merge conflicts.

DITZ + git integration

Adding Markdown

  • lib/html.rb contains the functions that generate HTML
  • *.rhtml contain templates and call functions in lib/html.rb to generate (and format) output.

Note, if working …