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Deploying Kerberos based SSO

Pre-requisites Kerberos Domain Controller (KDC) User accounts in the KDC KDC based logins To make sure that this is working, login to your workstation using your kerberos password and use the command: klist This should show your principals assigned to … Continue reading

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Kerberos Client

Make sure you have the pam_krb5 rpm files installed. You can check this by running the rpm -qa | grep pam command and seeing whether the pam_krb5 rpm files are listed. If they aren’t, you can typically download them in … Continue reading

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Chrome Kerberos Authentication

To config chrome to use kerberos authentication you need to start the application the following parameter: auth-server-whitelist – Allowed FQDN – Set the FQDN of the IdP Server. Example: chrome –auth-server-whitelist=”*aai-logon.domain-a.com” auth-negotiate-delegate-whitelist – For which FQDN credential delegation will be … Continue reading

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Native Kerberos Authentication with SSH

Pre-requisites First off, you’ll need to make sure that the OpenSSH server’s Kerberos configuration (in /etc/krb5.conf) is correct and works, and that the server’s keytab (typically /etc/krb5.keytab) contains an entry for host/[email protected] (case-sensitive). I won’t go into details on how … Continue reading

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Kerberos howtos

Kerberos is a network authentication protocol which works on the basis of “tickets” to allow nodes communicating over a non-secure network to prove their identity to one another in a secure manner. (Source Kerberos_(protocol) ) Backups Create backup: kdb5_util dump … Continue reading

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