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Free Clipart sites

In 2014, Microsoft killed and buried Clipart in the digital graveyard.

Clipart had outlived its usefulness as users relied more on search engines than Microsoft' somewhat limited supply through the Office suite.

Today' clipart needs to be modern, colorful, and less cartoonish. An online search for clip art images will …

MariaDB Quickest Quick start

This article outlines the bare minimum to get a MariaDB or MySQL database up and running.

It covers a CentOS/RHEL and an ArchLinux installs.

Make sure your system is up to date:

CentOS/RHEL ArchLinux
yum update -y pacman -Syu

Install the software:

CentOS/RHEL ArchLinux
yum install mariadb-server …

Hosting WordPress on OpenShift


So I finally moved my WordPress web sites to OpenShift.

OpenShift is a cloud based Platform-as-a-Service offering from RedHat. And while there is a learning curve I would say that so far it works great.

My implementation is a fully cloud based solution. Makes use of the following services:

  • GitHub …

Windows administration from the command line

Windows system administration is very mouse driven and to reach all tools you need to browse through Windows explorer.

If you are like me and prefer to log on a limited privilege account and use Runas to perform admin tasks, you can open these consoles with the .msc file names …

Alarm Notification

This tutorial describes how to use the alarm manager to set alarms and how to use the notification framework to display them. In short, the sequence goes like this:

  1. In an Activity AlarmManager.set is called with a PendingIntent containing a Uri.
  2. When the alarm goes off, the Uri is …

ArchLinux tips

A bunch of recipes useful for an ArchLinux system environment.

Mostly around system administration.

Custom Repos and Packages

In the repo directory, put all the packages in there.

repo-add ./custom.db.tar.gz ./*

Add to pacman.conf:

SigLevel = [Package|Databse]Never|Optional|Required
Server = path-to-repo

See also repo-remove. A …