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Telegram is a messenger designed to overcome the limitations of other messengers like WhatsApp or similar ones. It is different and better than other messengers on more than one level. A few of the important features that make it stand out among other messengers are:

  • Open API. This enables the …

Hosting WordPress on OpenShift


So I finally moved my WordPress web sites to OpenShift.

OpenShift is a cloud based Platform-as-a-Service offering from RedHat. And while there is a learning curve I would say that so far it works great.

My implementation is a fully cloud based solution. Makes use of the following services:

  • GitHub …

Online IDEs

If you want to move to the cloud and like to code like me, this is kinda of a basic necessity.

This applies in particular to Chromebook users.

5 Best online IDEs

Off site backup options

This is my working notes on doing off-site backups to the cloud. Still trying to figure out where to keep Offsite backups.

These are the candidates:

Site Free Quota 100GB/Yr Notes
AltDrive 30 day USD 45 Unlimited, Linux binary
iDrive 5GB USD 6 Starts at 1TB, Linux binary, API …