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  • DVD player
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • keyboard
  • good keyboard bindings
  • how to exit games
  • convert probox into binding keys
  • where are key codes saved

  • Write image:
    • gunzip < retropie-4.3-rpi2_rpi3.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sde bs=4M
  • Configure config.txt
    • hdmi_force_hotplug=1
    • hdmi_drive=2
  • Boot and configure keyboard
    • D-Pad => D-Pad
    • start …

Rollback with YUM History Command


Server patching is one of the important task of Linux system administrator to make the system more stable and better performance. All the vendors used to release security/vulnerabilities patches very often, the affected package must be updated in order to limit any potential security risks.

Yum …

CyberWorld 2017.1

Development - travis cordova build - travis ionic build

  • owx
    • common
      • muninlite (can it support plugins?)
      • flock, pwgen, ifstat
    • ow1
      • diags&tools: usbutils, netstat-nat
      • sniffer: tcpdump[-mini] 317K/617K, libpcap 191K
    • owX
      • FW/NAT
      • NTP server
      • Dynamic DNS updating (mushu porker)
      • NFS
      • IPv6 tunnel
      • Provisioning server: (PXE, TFTP, NFS …

My WordPress plugins

For my own purposes I have written a number of WordPress plugins.

  1. S3Copy - Makes backup copies of your pictures to an S3 Compatible server. I use myself. It also mangles tags so files are server from the S3 bucket.
  2. wptools - A collection of WordPress related functionality.
  3. auto-content - A …

OpenShift notes


backup OpenShift

openshift getenv(USER) from OpenShift php
ssh to {user}@{app-domain} gear snapshot  > file

Run gear app

OpenShift migration further notes

Encrypt a file using a supplied password :

$ openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -salt -in file.txt -out file.txt.enc -k …

Cleaning-up Outlook Calendar

This is a procedure I go through at the end of the year to clean-up my Outlook Calendar. Usually the Outlook Calendar gets full of junk over time. So this is something worth doing on a regular basis.

Procedure for Outlook 2007

  1. Backup calendar folder
  2. Select default calendar
  3. Switch view …

Web Backups


As usual with any IT system backups are important. This does not change when using a free shared hosting provider. Because it is free, one would argue it is even more important.

For my wordpress web site I used something called cli-exporter. It let's you create "Wordpress" export files from …