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Deploying Kerberos based SSO

Pre-requisites Kerberos Domain Controller (KDC) User accounts in the KDC KDC based logins To make sure that this is working, login to your workstation using your kerberos password and use the command: klist This should show your principals assigned to … Continue reading

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Native Kerberos Authentication with SSH

Pre-requisites First off, you’ll need to make sure that the OpenSSH server’s Kerberos configuration (in /etc/krb5.conf) is correct and works, and that the server’s keytab (typically /etc/krb5.keytab) contains an entry for host/[email protected] (case-sensitive). I won’t go into details on how … Continue reading

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Git recipes

Rewriting history Rolling back the last commit if nobody has pulled your remote repo yet, you can change your branch HEAD and force push it to said remote repo: git reset –hard HEAD^ git push -f Restoring changes So in … Continue reading

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