Articles posted on 2023

Raspberry Pi emulation with Qemu

The idea here is that we use a Desktop PC for developing/debugging Raspberry Pi set-ups using qemu for emulating Rasperrby Pi.

qemu currently supports the following configurations:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero and 1A+ (armhf)
  • Raspberry Pi 2B (armv7)
  • Raspberry Pi 3A+ (aarch64)
  • Raspberry Pi 3B (aarch64)
    • This is the version …

Home Assistant Wall Panel

For a while I was using TabletClock with old tablets. But this has not been updated in a while. I was thinking of writing my own version until I found WallPanel.

Essentially it is purposely built web-browser with special features which makes it possible to use it to replaces TabletClock …


For years I have been using VNC for my remote desktop needs. This works usually well enough. The features that I like are:

  • Basic set-up is easy
  • Desktop sessions are persistent
  • Can be used to view an actual desktop.
  • Browser based clients via noVNC or Guacamole

On the …

QNAP Snapshots

I wrote a small tool to access QNAP snapshots from the Linux command line.


  • Snapshots have to be enabled
  • You need a /share/netcfg containing the file:
    • In my case, I set this share as read-only with root-squash.
    • `admin.yaml' : contains the private/public keys and the configuration of …

Docker on Void

This is a quick recipe to run Docker on void:

  • Make sure your system is up-to-date:
    • sudo xbps-install -Syu
  • Install docker executables:
    • sudo xbps-install -S docker
  • Check if docker was installed properly:
    • docker --version
  • Enable services:
    • sudo ln -s /etc/sv/containerd /var/service
    • sudo ln -s /etc/sv/docker …