Articles posted on 2018

Docker on Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux Quick installation

See wiki For Alpine Linux > 3.8

  1. Un-comment community repo from /etc/apk/repositories
  2. apk add docker
  3. rc-update add docker boot
  4. service docker start

Optional: (docker compose)

apk add docker-compose

Note 2021-03-21: When I tested this, the daemon.json did not work! Your mileage may vary …

Alpine on OTC

These are just random thoughts nothing really was implemented.

Alpine Linux image

  • preparation: jq and other deps to /apks/x86_64

  • /etc/local.d/ cloud-init-lite

  • if /etc/network/intefaces exists we abort

  • apk add --force-non-repository /path oniguruma,jq .. restore /etc/apk/world
  • udhcpc -b -p /var/run/ -i …

Windows Account Lockouts

To prevent windows lockouts the following can be done:

  • Delete Internet Explorer browsing history
  • Run the following:
  • Open Start --> Search filed--> Type in Run --> rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr --> Delete
  • Disconnect network shares
  • Change password

Skipping grep when using AWK

Over the years, We've seen many people use this pattern (filter-map):

$ [data is generated] | grep something | awk '{print $2}'

but it can be shortened to:

$ [data is generated] | awk '/something/ {print $2}'

You (probably) don't need grep

Following this logic, you can replace a simple grep with:

$ [data is generated …

HTML Entities

(remember the ampersand at the start and the semi-colon at the end of each "tag")

| Á | Á | | á | á | | À | À | | Â | Â | | à | à | | Â | Â | | â | â | | Ä | Ä | | ä | ä | | Ã | Ã | | ã | ã | | Å | Å | | å | å | | Æ | Æ | | æ | æ | | Ç | Ç | | ç | ç | | Ð …

3 Open Source Password Managers

Keep your data and accounts safe by using a secure open source password manager to store unique, complex passwords.

Maintaining complex, unique passwords for each site and service you use is among the most common pieces of advice that security professionals provide to the public every year.

Yet no matter …

How to encrypt linux partitions with LUKS

There are plenty of reasons why people would need to encrypt a partition. Whether they're rooted it in privacy, security, or confidentiality, setting up a basic encrypted partition on a Linux system is fairly easy. This is especially true when using LUKS, since its functionality is built directly into the …

Open Source Alternatives to Visio

Need to create diagrams, flowcharts, circuits, or other kinds of entity-relationship models? Microsoft Visio is without a doubt the best software for that, but that doesn't mean it's the best choice for you.

Visio may be the industry standard in the corporate world, but it comes with a huge drawback …

10 tips for maiking documentation crystal clear

So you've some written excellent documentation. Now what? Now it's time to go back and edit it. When you first sit down to write your documentation, you want to focus on what you're trying to say instead of how you're saying it, but once that first draft is done it's …

Ascii Art Tools

Here are some resources dealling with ASCII art...

  • AsciiToSVG - PHP code to convert ascii art into SVG.
  • AsciiFlow - Web App implement an ascii art editor.
  • Asciio A perl application allows you to draw ASCII diagrams in a modern (but simple) graphical interface.
  • ditaa - Java based ascii art to PNG converter …

6 Cloud-Based Tools To Help You Build A Web App With Ease

In just a relatively short amount of time, building mobile apps has transformed from a process that included lots of knowledge in developing into something that almost anyone can do. Cloud-based tools are quickly becoming the norm for app developers, and these are some of the highest recommended tools, each …


  • DVD player
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • keyboard

  • good keyboard bindings

  • how to exit games
  • convert probox into binding keys
  • where are key codes saved

  • Write image:
  • gunzip < retropie-4.3-rpi2_rpi3.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sde bs=4M
  • Configure config.txt
  • hdmi_force_hotplug=1
  • hdmi_drive=2
  • Boot and configure keyboard
  • D-Pad => D-Pad
  • start …

using cachefiles on an Linux NFS share

If you often mount and access a remote NFS share on your system, you will probably want to know how to improve NFS file access performance. One possibility is using file caching. In Linux, there is a caching filesystem called FS-Cache which enables file caching for network file systems such …