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virtual AD testing

Creating a virtual AD controller


Join a Samba Server to AD

  • http://man.he …

DIY REST API How to write an REST API using bottle py - add authentication Just add a PSK string in the header. The PSK is created in a web ui. And it is given an expiration date. API to change an existing PSK. Security requires https.

graphviz test

Test graphviz

The attack plan is as follows:

For more instructions, kill the martians.

JavaScript snippets

Check if element is hidden

function isHidden(el) {
    var style = window.getComputedStyle(el);
    return (style.display === 'none')
<ul id="foo">

you can access the list items this way,

var ul = document.getElementById("foo");
var items = ul.getElementsByTagName("li");
for (var …


Add to WebSites

  • Mirror And change the link in posts/

My Punch list:

  • Printer/Scanner
  • RedShift
  • SafeEyes
  • ownCLoud
  • Chat

virtual test lab

This recipe is for a virtual test lab on your desktop. It does this by using nested virtualization.

Use this setup script to set things up on void linux.

Connect to. virsh defaults to qemu:///session virsh --connect qemu:///system net-list virsh --connect qemu:///system pool-list virt-manager defaults to qemu …