Windows administration from the command line

Windows system administration is very mouse driven and to reach
all tools you need to browse through Windows explorer.

If you are like me and prefer to log on a limited privilege account and use Runas to perform admin tasks, you can open these consoles with the .msc file names.

Here is a list of admin tools with their .msc file names.

  • domain.msc: AD Domains and Trusts
  • admgmt.msc: Active Directory Management
  • dssite.msc: AD Sites and Serrvices
  • dsa.msc: AD Users and Computers
  • adsiedit.msc: ADSI Edit
  • azman.msc: Authorization manager
  • certsrv.msc: Certification Authority Management
  • certtmpl.msc: Certificate Templates
  • cluadmin.exe: Cluster Administrator
  • compmgmt.msc: Computer Management
  • comexp.msc: Component Services
  • cys.exe: Configure Your Server
  • devmgmt.msc: Device Manager
  • dhcpmgmt.msc: DHCP Managment
  • dfrg.msc: Disk Defragmenter
  • diskmgmt.msc: Disk Manager
  • dfsgui.msc: Distributed File System
  • dnsmgmt.msc: DNS Managment
  • eventvwr.msc: Event Viewer
  • ciadv.msc: Indexing Service Management
  • ipaddrmgmt.msc: IP Address Management
  • llsmgr.exe: Licensing Manager
  • certmgr.msc: Local Certificates Management
  • gpedit.msc: Local Group Policy Editor
  • secpol.msc: Local Security Settings Manager
  • lusrmgr.msc: Local Users and Groups Manager
  • nlbmgr.exe: Network Load balancing
  • perfmon.msc: Performance Monitor
  • pkiview.msc: PKI Viewer
  • pkmgmt.msc: Public Key Managment
  • acssnap.msc: QoS Control Management
  • tsmmc.msc: Remote Desktops
  • rsadmin.msc: Remote Storage Administration
  • ntmsmgr.msc: Removable Storage
  • ntmsoprq.msc: Removable Storage Operator Requests
  • rrasmgmt.msc: Routing and Remote Access Manager
  • rsop.msc: Resultant Set of Policy
  • schmmgmt.msc: Schema management
  • services.msc: Services Management
  • fsmgmt.msc: Shared Folders
  • sidwalk.msc: SID Security Migration
  • tapimgmt.msc: Telephony Management
  • tscc.msc: Terminal Server Configuration
  • licmgr.exe: Terminal Server Licensing
  • tsadmin.exe: Terminal Server Manager
  • uddi.msc: UDDI Services Managment
  • wmimgmt.msc: Windows Mangement Instumentation
  • winsmgmt.msc: WINS Server manager

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