LG GW620


This article refers to obsolete hardware. I am posting it here just for archival purposes...

This is one of the most hackable Androids I have seen and comes with a physical keyboard.

I tested the following alternate firmwares:

  • OpenEtna
    Based on CM+Froyo 2.2, has a boot from SD card option.
  • OpenEve
    Forked from OpenEtna. Has multiple versions of CM up to 9 (I think).
  • FireDroidMod
    • FD4.1
      Based on CM7, and includes google apps and a iOS like UI. I am using this one.
    • FD3.2
      Based on CM7, lighter than FD4, but google apps need to be installed separately.
    • FD2.1
      Based on Froyo 2.2 (LG version) with a GingerBread interface.
    • FD1.3
      Pre-rooted based on the LG Froyo 2.2 version

In general, I avoided Froyo versions. OpenEve was discarded because:

  • installation process was different
  • required a separate google apps install
  • even though it had newer versions, the phone is already too slow.

Notes on the GW620 + FireDroidMod 4.1:

  • For the market to work properly the primary account needs to be configured on first boot-up. This needs a 3G SIM card.
  • Installing WhatsApp is possible as soon as Market is upgraded to PlayStore (hopefully before GooglePlayServices are installed). WhatsApp must be installed through Google Play Services. Activate it right away. Once installed, GooglePlayStore can be uninstalled.
  • Other Apps may be side-loaded (see APKpure.com

Install these (these can be side loaded):

  • Zeam Launcher : I dislike the default iOS style launcher. Zeam Launcher is quite lite anyway.
  • Facebook Lite

Maybe install Link2SD Plus (from APKmania.com)


  • Try to install GMail.
  • Configure family calendar

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