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GrandStream City Codes So I started using my GrandStream IP phone. No big deal, did what it was supposed to do. One interesting feature is that it can show the current weather in the LCD screen. It would auto-detect location by your … Continue reading

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Addonics Product: CipherUSB. This is an interesting concept. Essentially is an Encryption dongle that encrypts stuff between your PC and your USB mass storage device.

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Upgrading pacman config files

So when upgrading software packages sometimes you need to merge changes.  My recipe in archlinux is as follows: Look for *.pacnew files. Retrieve the original version (from /var/cache/pacman) from the old source package. Use a 3 way merge tool between … Continue reading

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libmspack. Recently I found this Open Source project.  Apparently it recently gained support to unpack Exchange Offline Address Book files.  What I don’t know is after you unpack it, how would you use such a file.  Intriguing but apparently falls … Continue reading

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atratus project

The other day I came across this project. Looks an interesting idea.  It is a project that lets you run unmodified Linux binaries on Windows.  It is more similar to WINE than to for example coLinux. While I conceptually I … Continue reading

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Media Tips

libmp4v2 contains: mp4art – to extract a picture (or coverart from mp4) mp4info – to get meta data from mp4 streams mp4tags – to set metadata and picture. qt-fastload to move index to the front and making mp4 streamable When … Continue reading

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Diskless Archlinux

I am still to test this recipe Server Configuration First of all, we must install the following components: A DHCP server to assign IP addresses to our diskless nodes. A TFTP server to transfer the boot image (a requirement of … Continue reading

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